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We Are Authorized Seller Of Dream Entertainment, LLC


Purchase By Using Zelle

Here’s how receiving money with Zelle® works:

  1. First, make sure you’re enrolled with Zelle®. If you’re not, visit, and follow the steps to enroll.

  2. Second, know the email or U.S. mobile number you enrolled with Zelle®. If you aren’t sure what email or mobile number you enrolled, check with your bank, or if you enrolled with the Zelle® app, tap the gear icon to check. This email or U.S. mobile number is linked to the bank account you selected at enrollment.

  3. Third, provide the email or U.S. mobile number you enrolled. Typically, the company offering to pay you with Zelle® will ask you for this information. Your enrolled email or U.S. mobile number will enable the money you receive to go directly into the bank account you selected.

When the company sends you money, you’ll get a payment notification to your enrolled email or mobile number letting you know the money is on the way!

Getting paid with Zelle® is fast, safe and easy . Get started at today.

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